Atlanta Metro Roofing assists homeowners if they are using their insurance due to a storm to see if they can get a roof.

We are upfront and know what each insurance company is looking for as far as damage on the roof. This is extremely important for a homeowner to make the right decision on whether or not to call in a claim. Unfortunately, a lot of people in the roofing industry are too quick to tell you to call in a claim just on a hope and a prayer you will get it approved. The insurance adjusters really want to know that the roof was inspected by a professional company. It also adds credibility to the homeowner to select a company upfront to aid with the claim process and install a quality roof which includes the proper warranty.

Short story – we had a gentleman call and tell us that his insurance company was forcing him to get a new roof or they were going to drop him. This all transpired because a roofer knocked his door and told him he had a defective shingle and he could get him new roof. The truth is he did have a defective shingle but about three major insurance companies will never approve that shingle because it is defective. They will accuse the manufacturer even if you truly had hail or wind damage. This was a $21,000 roof – not chump change. Because the homeowner believed what the roofer said he alerted the insurance company to the fact that he had defective shingles so they made him buy his own roof. The truth of the matter was that roof probably would have been good before it started leaking for another five years.

Make sure you are informed before you just call in a claim. If that gentleman had called us first he never would have called in a claim because we would have told him his insurance company was one of the three that will not approve these shingles for replacement.

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