We don’t always give our roofs too much thought – until a storm, fallen tree, or pest infestation causes damage. Roofs are expensive and stressful to fix, but it’s vital to fix any issues as quickly as possible before they escalate and cause more serious problems. If your roof has been damaged and you are trying to find the funds to replace it, try checking your homeowner’s insurance policy. In some situations, your roof replacement might be partially or fully covered by your insurance company.

What is Covered?

The short answer: it depends. Most insurance policies cover roof replacement if the damage is due to a sudden accidental event or an act of nature. If a tree falls on your roof, for example, your insurance would generally cover it. Your coverage will depend on where you live, your specific policy, and the cause and extent of the damage. If your roof is significantly damaged, has a hole, or is torn off entirely, coverage is likely. You will need to meet your deductible before the insurance coverage kicks in; in the State of Georgia, hurricane deductibles are imposed so you will need to pay a portion of hurricane and storm damages before your insurance company will pay.

What is Not Covered?

The older your roof gets, the less likely you are to receive full coverage if it is damaged. Most roofs are expected to last about twenty years, unless they are made of specific durable materials. Insurance does not cover general wear and tear, and it can be difficult to obtain coverage for an older roof even in the event of a sudden accident or act of nature. This can create problems when trying to file a claim: if a storm has come through, for example, and knocked some shingles off your roof or caused a leak in your home, your insurance company might classify these damages as cosmetic or general deterioration and refuse to pay.

Take steps to prevent damage to your roof by making sure your gutters are clean, your yard is free of dangerous trees or debris, and regularly checking your roof for signs of damage. Hiring a licensed roofing contractor for periodic inspections can extend the life of your roof and confirm its condition in the event you need to file a claim.

Filing a Claim

If your roof has suffered significant damage and qualifies for insurance coverage, you will need to submit a claim. Document the damage: take plenty of photos of your roof and of your home’s interior if there are any leaks. If you can safely take close-up photos of your roof, do so; if not, an experienced roofing company may be able to help. You should also document the date of the damage. If a hurricane or heavy storm hit the area on the date in question, find reputable news articles or weather reports online to back up your claim.

Check your insurance company’s website or contact your agent to learn more about the actual claims process. It’s important to be familiar with your company’s particular requirements; your claim might be denied if it was improperly filled out or submitted too late.

It is vital to work with a licensed, reputable inspector and roofing company when replacing your roof. Many insurance companies will refuse to pay if the work is not completed by a licensed professional.

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