Roofing For Your Property

Commercial roofing jobs are best left to the pros at Atlanta Metro Roofing for your and everyone else’s safety. Our commercial roofers have the skill and experience needed to complete all kinds of roofing requests.

We work with commercial property owners and commercial real estate management companies throughout Atlanta, Marietta, Alpharetta & Sandy Springs, GA. Contact us today with any of your commercial roofing requests. We specialize in roof repairs and replacements.

Signs That You Need Roof Repairs

Damaged Flat Roof Flashing

Cracked or Blistered Roof Surface

Water Stains on the Interior of the Building

Presence of Mold in the Building

If you find any of the above-mentioned issues, please contact us to schedule a roof inspection. We would be happy to get to the root of the problem and give you a free on-site estimate.

Flat Roofs

And Metal Roofs

A strong, sturdy roof offers your business ample protection from rain, heat, wind, and snow. Flat roofs may appear to be completely flat, but they do have a slight slope for drainage purposes. This roofing choice is affordable, low maintenance, and highly durable. When you hire us to install a roof, you can always expect us to use the best materials to give you a roof that will last for years.



When properly designed, applied, and maintained, roofing coating can solve many of your roofing problems. Coating can increase roof life, reduce construction debris, reduce energy use, and improve roof appearance. Our team can apply high-quality coatings to roofs on all types of commercial properties. Contact us today to get started.