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    You Need to Become a Roof Expert

    There are many tricks that roofers use to save money. They bid low and then cut corners on your roof installation. Since most people can’t get on a roof to watch the job, you have to be careful. Some tricks are….Promising ridge vent and they not really installing it, just making it look like they did. You should be able to see daylight coming in your attic where it was installed. Not removing the old felt and going to the sheathing to see if there is any dry rot that needs changed. The proper way is to completely tear off the old shingles and felt so they can check for damaged plywood or sheathing. Not really giving you new box vents or turtle vents. They re-use your old ones. Not really re-flashing improperly installed flashing around your chimney – just leaving what you had. Not using Ice and Water (a rubberized material) in your valleys, boots and walls to prevent future leaks. You only install a new roof once, so all of this is important to you as a consumer.

    Company Warranties and Insurance

    You need a warranty for workmanship from the roofing contractor. This will save you money down the road if you get a leak. They need to keep their promise and come back to address the issues. You also need to choose the right local company from the start that is established, has a real office and is insured with Workman’s Comp and General Liability or they may not be around when you encounter a problem. Make sure you ask to see those documents and call the insurance carrier to make sure it is valid. The roofing crews that the roofing company uses also must have the same insurance. Before you let anyone on your roof be sure they really are insured. Fly by night companies use crews and repairman without insurance and that is a liability to the consumer if anything should happen. We have the same crews all the time and do not hire anyone without insurance. Many roofing companies don’t carry Workman’s Comp because when you do you get audited every year and if you cannot produce the proper insurance documents for your crews you are fined.

    Insurance Claims

    When the insurance company approves your roof for replacement, they will send a settlement document describing what they are willing to pay for. Many times they don’t cover everything. Atlanta Metro Roofing agrees to do the work for what they are willing to pay. That does not mean we cut any corners. We fix absolutely everything on your roof even if it was not covered by insurance. Insurance companies do not overpay for your roof. The settlement is determined by what the material costs are currently. You are only responsible for your deductible plus any upgrades. They send two checks for replacement – one with the settlement sheet and one after the roof is installed and they have received the roofing company’s invoice. If you decide to shop around to save money on a claim it is insurance fraud and any company willing to adjust those numbers is committing fraud also. It is what it is. If you find a company willing to give you let’s say $1000 less than your sheet two things occur. You will pay with shortcuts on your roof and if they turn in a correct invoice revealing the $1000 less then insurance company will send you a check for $1000 less so you shopped around to save the insurance company money. Only shop for a good company because that is what matters.

    Roof Inspections

    A true knowledgeable roofing inspector will inspect your roof for free. If he does not see any damage he will let you know. We often do not find any damage. Don’t let anyone inspect your roof and then try to sell you repair work. Let’s say they say all your pipe boots are bad and they just happen to have some on their truck. How do you really know? Only a crew called out from the roofing company should do that so the company can take care of you later if there is an issue. Your repair work should not be done on the spot by the inspector.

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